Choosing the watch that strikes the balance and suits you best is a delicate juggling act. There has been much debate in recent years about what makes a watch the ideal size.

There are arguments for both sides: if you go too small, it could lose its impact; too big and it could appear brash. The trend for larger watches in the mid-2000s saw some reaching up to 48mm in width. These larger watches work in certain situations and for people who are happy to be ostentatious. Similarly, a smaller watch on a large wrist could look out of place.

Generally, the watch you choose for everyday wear – or even the one you’d like to wear with a special outfit – will need to fit your wrist. While a lot of it comes down to personal preference, if you want a watch that perfectly balances and works with your unique style, there are steps you can follow to find the right watch for your wrist. Here are some ideas to get you started.