Larisa and Adrian

Do you believe in fate? The way Larisa Costea met her now husband Adrian certainly has us believing!


Larisa starred in a music video which happened to be for the band her now husband, Adrian, was a part of. Originally chosen to do a scene with another member of the band she was switched last minute to Adrian's scene -  they got talking and the rest was history!


When talking about Adrian, Larisa definitely portrays him to be the perfect husband; explaining how he is always there for her and always makes her breakfast! Their wedding sounded dreamy too... you can read about it over in this post on our Instagram page.


The watch Larisa is wearing here, and her favourite, is the Teal Stratford square watch. The pairs watches compliment each others perfectly as Adrian is also wearing a Teal Face Stratford Chronograph watch only his has a circular dial.