Lens Care

Your Henry London watch is fitted with a special high double dome acrylic lens similar to that used in vintage watch making. If you damage your lens, most scratches can be quickly & easily repaired.

Before deciding how best to treat the damaged lens, the first thing to do is identify the type of damage your watch has suffered. Please read on below.


Light to Medium Scratch
A small white scratch or graze to the surface of the lens, barely detectable by running a finger over the damaged area. This can be rectified using the polish sachet & cloth provided with your watch, please view the video below for further instructions.


Heavy Scratch
A deeper, larger scratch that can be easily felt by a fingertip. You will need to purchase our Watch Care Kit to repair damage of this severity, once you have your kit, please view the video below for instructions.


Fractured Lens
If when you tilt your watch, the damage appears to go through your lens, it is likely that it is fractured. In this instance, we ask you to contact our Customer Service Team who offer a lens replacement service carried out by our dedicated Henry London Service Engineers. Please note there will be a minimal charge for this service.

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +44(0) 121 524 1400